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First Of All, Let me confess that I do not claim thyself as a scholar in the world of supply chain. But I must say, I am an attentive student & will be same. Hey There!! This is Baki Hakim, Dare to launch this blog about by far the most professional topics โ€“ Supply Chain Management.

The history of planning this site is interesting quite a bit. I am a very lazy man, always dream to make an alternative way of living apart from typical 9-5 working hour.Out of the crowd, I tend to be a digital marketer that perfectly matches my dream.

It was a long way to travel in this most interesting & interactive branch of education. For us those live in this sub continent, there was a hype to build Niche specific website & monetize with Amazon affiliation or Google Adsense Publishing. And I also jumped into it. While started the journey, being amazed almost every learning graph, whisper thyself for a better career & liberty.

But unfortunately, the dream was not that easy to achieve.The world of digital marketing is damn unstable & you have to always updated with the best practices in the industry to keep you alive in the race. As a result, ups & motivated, again down & dishurted was actually the cycle of my digital marketing career.

Now a days, Google is as intelligent as a human being. Their AI based algorithm,Rank brain,Machine Learning, data science & Frequent Core Update – make a revolutionary change in conventional SEO planning.In Fact, If someone really does not explore the true insights of a product /services-it is almost impossible to gain a Signiant organic traction from search engine.

I was brainstorming,what do i know actually, what of my experience can really add some value to a subject matter?? I discovered, Logistics & Supply Chain,

what i am practicing in my professional life for over a decade.Therefore, I Decided, Why Not go for a try?what else more i will lose without making my failure project list healthier?

I am really eager to receive some constructive criticism about this blog.Please criticise & advise simountenously, how can i improve this blog as a real source of knowledge.

Please write to me here:

I will revert in another lazy day!!

Baki Hakim

My Journey

My professional career in a sense started with Mondol Group as a logistics assistant. I used to prepare export shipping documents,coordinate with freight forwarders & ensure on time cargo handover in different depots. I switched within very short time to X-CO , a Danish investment in RMG manufacturing & trading in 2009 as a commercial executive.Around after one year, tried some other manufacturing start ups but to be honest i was not satisfied with my growth. Then the opportunity arrived to work with the true industry standard platform, Avery Dennison.Avery Dennison is a Fortune 500 MNC, as if a ocean to learn anything as if you could ever imagine. The thirst fulfilled in 2017 & i join IOM – The UN Migration Agency.

The Journey with IOM still continuing, let see how long.

I ended up with my contract with IOM on 22th December,2021.I never wins in a battle among Typical professionalism versus sense of humour.Not everyone acts as a roman who lives in Rome.

My Inspiration

Definitly it is my father, i still live with my fathers memory & will be as long as i alive.The lifeskill that he taught me, i am commited to uphold it tilllast day of my life.







Tools & Services I Use

  • Domain: Namecheap,Namesilo
  • Hosting: A2hosting,Wpmudev,Namecheap
  • Keyword Research: Ahrefs,Semrush,Kwfinder,Seo Powersuite
  • Content Service: Wordagent,Textbroker,Hirewriters
  • On Page Optimization: Marketmuse,Frase,Website Auditor
  • Graphics: Crello,Canva
  • Stock Image: Yay Image,Deposit Photos
  • Link Building: Saket Wahi
  • Web Audit: Website Auditor,Clusteric,Semrush,Ahrefs
  • CRO:Truconversion,Optimizely
Our Vision

“It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.”

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