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Lift Table Cart

If you have a small production or retail space, and need to move large, heavy products around efficiently, an industrial under counter lift table cart is your answer. Similar to a pallet jack, these lift tables are designed for one purpose – moving heavy objects from one place to another. They come in two general types: those that can be mounted under the counter and those that need to be wall-mounted.
These carts are built for efficiency. You won’t find many bells and whistles with these units. They do what they are intended to do – move heavy loads around efficiently. If you’re looking for something more advanced or innovative, we recommend you look at different options available instead of settling for this type of product.

How to choose the right under counter lift table for your business?

When choosing the right lift table for your small business, there are a few factors to consider. The first is whether you have the space to mount under the counter or wall mount. Usually, wall-mounted units take up more space than those that can be mounted underneath counters. The other factor is how much weight capacity and range of movement you need. If you are moving a heavy object but not one that’s on a pallet, then it might be easier to go with the wall-mounted unit as they will give you more height in addition to longer working distance between the floor and ceiling.
The type of unit is also important; under counter units tend to have less moving parts and don’t require air conditioning or power if they are installed in a commercial setting where climate control is standard practice. They are typically cheaper than their wall-mount counterparts but they may not be as versatile in terms of height and range of motion.

Under Counter Lift Table Cart Features

One of the main advantages of this type of product is that they are designed to be mounted under the counter. This makes them very versatile and will work well with any production or retail space, regardless of size.
Another feature that these carts offer is the high load capacity. Unlike many other lift table carts, these units typically have a load capacity up to 2500 pounds.
The last feature we want to mention is that these units are typically made out of steel, which makes them durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. To keep your cart functional as long as possible, it’s important that you maintain and clean it regularly with a non-abrasive cleaner such as vinegar or diluted bleach solution.

Considerations for choosing an Under Counter Table Cart

When looking for a table cart, you need to consider the size and weight of your product. You also need to think about where you want the unit to be positioned. A wall-mounted table cart gives you more versatility in terms of placement, but an under counter unit is less expensive and may require less space.
Another consideration when choosing an under counter lift table is its height. This can limit how high you can place it on your work surface – especially if you don’t have a tall enough work surface already.
As with any other piece of equipment, you should also think about what type of lifting mechanism it has. Some units have forklifts built into them while others only have mechanical arms that can be manipulated by a person with a crane attachment or hoist truck.

Pros and Cons of an Under Counter Lift Table Cart

The many benefits of this type of product outweigh the cons. There are a few cons, but they are not significant enough to dissuade people from buying these types of carts. These units are designed for one purpose and do it well.
-Easy to move around
-Gets the job done quickly
-Can be mounted on either wall or under the counter
-No specialized tools needed

Wall Mounted Lift Table Cart

The wall-mounted lift table carts are the most common type of the product because they can be mounted in any location. These units are designed to be mounted internally from a wall, so you won’t need to worry about drilling holes in your walls and attaching a mounting bracket if you don’t want to.
These units are heavy duty and designed for years of use with less maintenance than an under counter unit. They come with high-quality casters that roll smoothly and make it easy for you to push around even when loaded. If you find this type of cart more expensive than others, then it is worth it for the peace of mind knowing that these units are designed for long-term use without worrying about breaking down prematurely.


As a small business, you want to make sure you’ve got all the tools in your arsenal to succeed. An under counter lift table can help you save space and give your customers the convenience they need.
But these tables can also be difficult to choose from — they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. We’ve done the research for you and created a list of the top 5 under counter lift carts that are perfect for any small business.

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What are the advantages of a wall-mounted industrial under counter lift table cart?

Well, there are many advantages to under counter lift table carts. First, you can lift large and heavy items above the counter and store them in a small area. It also makes it more convenient for you to reach the items stored on top from below the counter.
Second, these cart allow you to move materials quickly and easily around your shop. You will have more space in your work area and be more efficient.
Third, these units are very affordable and reasonably priced. They are durable and sturdy enough to last a long time in your commercial business or home space.Lastly, these are an excellent choice for small production spaces or retail stores that require minimal storage space.

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