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UPS Supply Chain Solutions |7 essential findings

UPS Supply Chain Solutions is a service by UPS that provides various logistics and transport solutions. The service facilitates international trade by offering effective freight and transport facilities. It deploys technologies to manage linkages between businesses around the globe.

The company simplifies logistics by taking care of warehousing, delivery times, freight challenges, and different timelines between the buyer and seller. It is a versatile business partner, especially to those selling overseas.

USPS Supply Chain Solutions uses market knowledge and experience to provide tailored solutions depending on the type of goods and the market that it serves. If a business needs a helping hand in warehousing, fulfillment of orders or logistics, UPS is the service to call.

How Is Diversity at UPS Supply Chain Solutions?

UPS Supply Chain Solutions is a diversified organisation on many fronts. It delivers quality services and incorporates all the supply chain players. First, the company works with Business-to-business customers in providing solutions to companies that rely on parts and tools. 

It also helps in the fulfillment of orders for B2C (Business-to-customers) models. It is a versatile solution giver to all types of companies in the market.

Its robust customer-facing software enables either of the two types of businesses to keep track of their orders. These businesses can monitor orders as soon as they release them to customers. 

Customers can use any form of transport to get their products across, including road, sea, and air freights. These services are either offered as standalone services or bundled together depending on the need of the client.

The second form of diversity is the inclusion of employees from various backgrounds into the company. It has over 50,000 employees in its offices around the globe. It does not discriminate against workers based on color, sex, age or ethnic background when hiring. Besides, all employees are treated equally and promoted on merit.

These qualities make UPS a fair employer, and a versatile company offers a range of services to different types of customers in the market.

Model of UPS Supply Chain Solutions

UPS Supply Chain Solutions is built around streamlining supply chains worldwide to help companies deliver goods across borders and time zones. It has created an intricate system that can be tailored to meet the needs of different sized companies. This, in turn, helps them improve delivery times and improves their bottom lines.

The supply chain solutions are offered in three distinct areas: freight, logistics, and tailored solutions.


UPS is known for delivering small packages across the globe. However, with its Supply Chain services, it transfers large items across the globe in pallets and containers. The service is ideal for companies joining the world trade and seasoned experts that deliver known routes. 

UPS is able to deliver using international air freight, ocean freight, North American air freight, and Multimodal freight.

The company offers ground freight, urgent services freight and one-to-many services. The company also offers a supplier management service where companies can manage up to 17 vendors in eight time zones. 

Its urgent freight services cover time-sensitive deliveries while one-to-many services enable the delivery of goods to various customers at once.  The express shipping service handles emergency, high-value goods.

Logistics Service

The logistics service is the heartbeat that keeps supply chains moving. This service covers all the steps in the supply chain process from warehousing, distribution and sending critical parts. There are three major services under logistics; Warehousing and distribution, fulfillment, and service parts logistics.

It has an efficient distribution service that helps firms scale up, cut costs and stay at the top of the competition. Its eFulfillment service is an integrated service that covers pick, pack, and ship for eCommerce sellers. Finally, the service parts logistics helps deliver spare parts on time from warehouses around the globe.

Tailored Solutions

UPS Supply Chain Solution does more than just logistics and shipping. It can help firms deliver faster, mitigate risks and enhance their cash flow through a variety of tailored solutions. Here are some of these solutions.

  • Freight Consolidation: This service enables firms to consolidate various deliveries into one and de-consolidate on arrival.
  • Supplier Management: The company helps with global distribution management across six time zones and four languages. It can handle up to 23 vendors spread across the world.
  • Transport management: UPS ensures that product reach their destination by helping select the best modes and routes according to delivery times and budget
  • Cargo insurance and Finance Services: With cargo insurance, UPS helps protect firms from risk and leverages cash in their supply chains. It also offers efficient payment solutions across the globe.
  • Customs Brokerage: The customs brokerage service helps companies open new markets by understanding the custom rates and red tape they need to cut into these markets. This service includes consultancy and brokerage services.
  • Specialized Services: Some of the unique services include foreign trade zones savings calculator, multimodal delivery services, and supplier management.
  • Industrial 3D printing: industrial firms can use this service to get prototypes and replacements delivered to their premises without investing in 3D printing.

Competitors and Alternatives to UPS Supply Chain Solutions

Several companies offer supply chain solutions around the world. Here are a few alternatives that you may pick besides UPS.


Amazon has re-invented e-commerce supply chain management by focusing on high responsiveness, robotics and warehouse automation. It primarily covers B2C deliveries but has a few B2B companies on its platform. Companies have to register on its platform for Amazon to fulfill their orders.


Alibaba is a global organisation that covers deliveries around the world. In addition to shipping, it also helps companies with customs brokerage, logistics and warehousing. Companies can use it for both B2B and B2C deliveries. It has extensive knowledge of the market, especially in Asia.

FMI Logistics

FMi Logistics is a Canadian commercial freight and warehouse management services provider that also offers logistics services. It offers a reliable supply chain management service that includes real-time reporting, on-time delivery, and cargo insurance services.

Chain Logistics Services

Chain Logistics services offer Maritime, logistics and supply chain management services. The UK-based company offers a tailored solution for companies that need forwarding, transport and diction management, and fulfillment services. It has a global logistics network for effective services across various time zones.

DHL Supply Chain Management

DHL is a world leader in supply chain management solutions. It offers more or less the services offered by UPS, including transport solutions, supply management and consultancy, warehousing solutions, and integrated, specialized solutions. It is a one-stop-shop for all the supply chain management needs.

C.H. Robinson

C.H Robinson is a supply chain and logistics solutions provider that offers a number of services in logistics, global forwarding, freight shipping, and consultancy. It also has managed TMS services for small businesses and specialized services for perishable goods. The company covers all industries across the economy, each with specialized services according to the nature of the business.

FedEx Trade Networks/Supply Chain/Supply Chain Systems

FedEx, a popular parcel delivery service, also offers supply chain solutions for companies. It offers pretty the same services like UPS, including specialized solutions for small businesses. Besides, it has specialized services for eCommerce providers, allowing them to deliver goods fast. It also has managed TMS services for businesses that would like to have a qualified firm manage their supply chains.

FAQs About UPS Supply Chain Solutions

Here are some of the common questions you may have:

1. What Is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management is a service that involves planning and management of all activities included in the productions and distribution of products. It is a wholesome service that covers everything from product development to customer experience and post-sale services. It also involves managing networks for the smooth flow of information, capital, and materials.

2. Why Should Companies Use the Supply Chain Management Service from UPS?

The UPS supply chain management solutions cover everything from freight, logistics and warehousing, packing and unpacking goods at the warehouse and customer premises. The company streamlines the process of fulfilling orders and delivering the same to customers. It has also bundled several services together to enable quick, efficient, and cost-effective delivery of orders.

Using the service saves companies from the headache of handling every aspect of distribution. It also deals with inefficiencies and bottlenecks that emerge in the distribution service.

3. Does UPS Do Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding is a service that involves getting good from a particular producer or manufacturer to the final point of distribution or customer premises. UPS acts as an expert in the logistics network and works with carriers to move the goods to the required locations.

4. Does UPS Provide Tools for Freight Tracking?

Yes. UPS offers a variety of services to enable freight tracking. The tracking and visibility tools include the following:

  • MyFreight: An online program for shipment tracking, event notification, and initiation
  • Flex Global View: A full freight visibility tool that enables companies to track orders to destination, view customs entries, and check inventory status
  • Ocean/Air Freight Shipment Tracking: Allows companies to track up to 10 combination numbers for ocean or air freight shipments

5. Does UPS Offer Consultancy Services?

If you are a company that needs advice on freight, logistics, and distribution, UPS has a consultancy service on all aspects of your supply chain. The service includes customs brokerage and advice on ways to optimize the supply chain.

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