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What is a mother to do when her house is getting so cluttered? When every item seems to have a home and nothing has a permanent place? Though it may not feel like your house is getting any less messy, the space you have available for storage may be becoming more limited. If you’re looking for ways to declutter your home, here are some hints from Mother Nature: There are certain things that will only live in one place, like a nesting bird or spider. A mother’s instinct for survival tells her to take care of all those things and keep them close at hand. This is also why mothers instinctively know where everything else in the house belongs.
Keeping a small home uncluttered can seem nearly impossible. But even if you’re living in a space that seems small, there are ways you can declutter without selling anything or giving away things that mean too much to you. Read on as we tell you how you can declutter your home without giving up what matters most – your children!

Don’t Forget to Declutter Frequently

It’s easy to sigh and think, “This is too hard. I can’t get rid of all this stuff.” But the reality is that you don’t need to get everything out of the house – just a few things at a time! If you try to declutter your home with everything in it in a single day, you won’t be able to keep up with what needs attention.
What you should do is take one room at a time. Declutter that room and wait for two days before moving on to another room. This will give you more time to enjoy your newfound space without being overwhelmed by having too many small projects going on simultaneously. By not spreading out your work, you reduce the chances of giving up and breaking your momentum.

Make the Most of Every Opportunity

When you want to declutter your home, take advantage of every opportunity. When you’re cleaning the bathroom, clean out all those stray toiletries that don’t have a designated space. If there’s an empty space in your closet, put clothes away. When you clean something up and then leave it for later, it becomes easy to forget about it when a new mess comes along. As soon as you notice something in a particularly obvious spot or just laying around on the floor, do your best to get it into its home.
If you find yourself with some extra time after cleaning everything else up, set aside 15 minutes and go through all the drawers in your kitchen one by one and put back what belongs where before any clutter accumulates again!

Sort and Store Your Things

Your first step towards decluttering your home is to sort and store your things. Whether you’re in a small townhouse or a mansion, there are some things that just won’t fit into any storage system. If you’ve started trying to organize but find it too overwhelming, think about whether there is something you might want to sell. Even if the price seems high for what you have, it may be worth it for the space savings.
If you are considering packaging up your prized possessions and keeping them out of sight so they will stay valuable, make sure you wrap them securely with plastic and wrap in bubble wrap before boxing them up – otherwise, they’ll attract dust within a week or two!

Find a System That Works for You

It can be easy to get lost in the process of decluttering your home, especially if you’re not sure what things you want to keep or give away.
It helps to know the steps that led you here and the system that has worked best for you.
In addition to this, knowing how long it will take to clean up a certain area is important.
For example, one person might need an hour or two to clean up their bedroom while another may only need twenty minutes. You should try and find a system that works for you so you don’t waste time on clutter that doesn’t really matter. Find a system that makes sense for your family’s needs and make sure it meets their specific needs as well.

Create a “Spotless Workshop” Indoors

Does your living room become a mess when you entertain? If so, try creating a “Spotless Workshop”. This is a designated space in your home that has nothing to do with entertaining and is only for everyday activities like cleaning, doing laundry, or cooking. As soon as you step inside this area, you know that it’s time to get down to work. During other times of the day, the rest of the house becomes your playground.
Create a “Spotless Workshop” in your living room and designate it for everyday activities like cleaning or cooking. When guests come over and there is no party happening, they can watch TV or play on their own devices outside of this area while everyone else relaxes in the living room. Always follow this rule: while one activity is going on in this area (like cooking), there will be no other activity allowed in the rest of the house except for what you’re doing right now!

Create a Place for Everything Outside

The first thing a mother can do to declutter is create a space for everything outside. In the event that you need to put something away, it’s important that you have a designated place for it. This can be done by creating something like an outdoor pantry or, if your home has an area with unfinished walls, by hanging your seasonal items on hooks and nails.


It’s easy not to make the most of every moment when you don’t have a clear system for your home.
Don’t let anything else distract you from your work. Make the most of every opportunity by keeping your house neat and organized.


What are some of the things that will only live in one place?

If your house is going to the dogs, grab a large garbage bag and start putting things that are easily stored into it. Once you’ve filled it, take it outside and set it on the curb. The garbage collectors will take care of the rest! This won’t take long.

You can also do a “spring cleaning” of your cupboards and closets. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything, but you might have a lot of stuff that you haven’t needed in a while. Donate or sell the items that you don’t need anymore.

Lastly, declutter your home by throwing out what you don’t use anymore. You can donate unwanted items to a thrift shop or give them away to friends or family members who may be able to use them. Ultimately, though, if you don’t use something, it should go in the rubbish.

Why is it instinctual for mothers to take care of these things?

The first thing to do when your home is getting too messy is to get rid of things you are not using or don’t need anymore. Turn off the TV and unplug electronics that you are not using. Clear out any items you no longer need in the basement or attic. If you don’t need it, find someone who does.

If you want your house to feel more cheerful, start using containers and bins to store items. Find containers that suit your needs and style of living. A bin for laundry can be a small basket, hanging garment rack or cabinet with shelves. You can even use a shoe organizer for clothing and shoe bins for other items such as socks and underwear.

If you have a small amount of space, hang up outfits and shoes so they can be easily found when you need them. You can also reorganize closets and drawers to make the most of limited space in your home. Finally, take some time to declutter your home regularly so it feels more spacious and organized.

How can you use Mother Nature’s tips to declutter your home?

Mother Nature’s tips to declutter your home:
There are certain things that will only live in one place, like a nesting bird or spider. A mother’s instinct for survival tells her to take care of all those things and keep them close at hand. This is also why mothers instinctively know where they can quickly grab an essential item – like a bottle of baby formula, grab a few diapers, or grab some medicine on your way out the door.

Taking care of these necessities first is not a bad idea in the least. You might even come home to find your children have already done it for you! The next step is to move those things to the places where you actually use them. Many moms find this the easiest part – by nature, we tend to gravitate towards places where we do our daily activities. By establishing ‘nest’ areas for storage and storing these essentials there, you can both keep your children from grabbing them as well as make sure you don’t forget where they are.

This also gives you an excuse to declutter some more! You can fill up one side of your pantry with all these baby items and let them sit until you get around to cooking dinner!

Mother Nature may not have designed your house in perfect order, but she knows how we prefer to live in it: comfortably and efficiently!

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